Live Smarter Life Makeover Course

Have you ever felt that you have so much you want to achieve but too little time to do it?

Have you set yourself goals but never quite achieved them?

Perhaps you are fed up of being overweight, or feeling tired all the time?

There is one thing nearly all of us have in common: we all want to be the best possible version of ourselves.


For some reason for most of us we wake up each morning and we go through the day, and things pretty much stay the same.


♦ You don’t yet have the strategy or framework that can set you on a path to success

♦ You aren’t always eating, moving, sleeping and thinking in a way that lets you perform your best

♦ You don’t yet have a community of like-minded individuals who can support you

♦ You don’t have daily motivational and inspirational reminders to keep you on track


Take Care of your body

Does this sound familiar?

If so, then the Live Smarter Life Makeover Course is for you!

The course is designed to help people like you, find your happiest and healthiest self, reach your potential and gain success in all areas of your life!

This 8 week online course will guide you in implementing healthy and sustainable ways of eating, sleeping and exercising, will teach you a framework for success that is easily incorporated into your daily routine, and will help you to develop a positive mind set using proven techniques such as meditation and mindfulness.

-Optimise your life for health & happiness-


What benefits can you expect?

♦ Shape up & lose weight

♦ Improve your gut health

♦ Increase your energy levels

♦ Sleep better

♦ Improve your skin

♦ Reduce stress levels

♦ Feel happier

♦ Become more focused

♦ Achieve your goals

♦ Build lifelong healthy habits


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What does the 8 week online course cover?

♦ Week 1: Introduction to the SMARTER framework (how to implement it & goal setting)

♦ Week 2: Eat Smarter

♦ Week 3: Think Smarter

♦ Week 4: Sleep Smarter

♦ Week 5: Move Smarter

♦ Week 6: Gut Health

♦ Week 7: Natural, Sustainable Living and Community

♦ Week 8: Living Smarter for Life


Strapped for time? 

Not sure you can commit to an 8 week course?

Try Our Live Smarter Life Makeover 1 Day Course

Our 1 day courses are a more condensed version of the 8 week life makeover course. You will benefit from the same course content, learning how to Live Smarter by being introduced to our unique Smarter success framework and how to use it to implement healthy and sustainable ways to eat, think, sleep and move.

What is included in the 1 day course?

♦ Refreshments throughout the day

♦ Introduction to Smarter Framework

♦ Learn how to eat, think, sleep and move Smarter

♦ Course material and handouts

♦ Several 30 day challenges that you can start after your 1 day course finishes to help you continue to optimise your life for health and happiness

♦ Delicious, healthy, organic lunch

♦ Free parking at location


Next available 1 day course dates

  • Saturday August 12th – SOLD OUT
  • Friday September 8th
  • Saturday September 16th
  • Friday October 6th
  • Saturday October 21st
Timings – 10am-4pm

Various course dates throughout the year. Please email to book or for more information on the course content. Further dates will be released soon.

Our one day courses cost £100 per person. We take a £50 deposit at the time of booking and the remaining £50 is due two weeks before the course start date. Maximum 15 people per course.

Workplace & Community Taster Sessions & Courses

We offer customised workplace Live Smarter Life Makeover courses and taster sessions that can help and support the training and development of your employees. Email to find out how we can:

♦ Increase performance & effectiveness

♦ Increase focus, creativity, self awareness & empathy in and out of the work place

♦ Reduce stress

♦ Increase awareness of overall health & wellbeing

♦ Improve job satisfaction

♦ Build lifelong healthy habits


The course takes place in Ashurst, Kent, in what was an old pub and is now a warm & beautiful home. During the scheduled course time you will be provided with delicious and healthy refreshments in a lovely, relaxed comfortable setting.

The location is easily reached from London with direct trains from London Bridge every hour. The Bald Faced Stag is only a couple of minutes walk from the station. We are about a 10 minute drive from Tunbridge Wells, or 20 minutes from East Grinstead.


The Live Smarter Life Makeover Course is unique and intimate, enabling you to focus on yourself. Our approach is first and foremost one of kindness and encouragement, and completely non-judgemental. You will be supported within a small group of no more than 15 people.

Set in the beautiful, quiet Kent countryside, a chance for you to change your life in a safe and comfortable space – making you happier and healthier as a result.

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Meet the Team

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Chloe holds a Masters degree from the University of Oxford where she studied Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry and is now a qualified secondary school Science teacher. After her second child was born Chloe began to experiment with the paleo lifestyle. It had an amazing effect on her health and inspired her, along with her sister Lucy, to create the popular health blog Paleo Britain ( Chloe lives in Tunbridge Wells with her husband and 3 children and is passionate about helping others find optimum health & wellness.

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Lucy is the younger sister in the Live Smarter pair. As well as working on and developing the Live Smarter course, Lucy is a child development instructor and gymnastics/fitness coach and runs High Intensity Interval Training exercise classes in Tunbridge Wells as well as ‘mini’ exercise classes for kids. Her hobbies include nutrition, yoga, keeping fit, spending time with family and reading.


Carl is Live Smarter’s personal trainer. His specialist interest is functional training and the huge benefits this type of movement can have on your health. He is also passionate about the power of real food to bring about optimum health and performance.


*The 8 week ONLINE course costs £50.

*Our one day courses cost £100 per person. We take a £50 deposit at the time of booking and the remaining £50 is due two weeks before the course start date. Maximum 15 people per course.

If you are interested please email to book or for more information. To secure a place you can send your £50 deposit via PayPal to